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Join the United Liberty Party

Break free from the "Uni-party"!

We are the United Liberty Party and like most Americans we are tired of the stagnant politics of the United States. We want to take a stand for people on both sides of the political spectrum. United we stand for liberty and justice!

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Political Stances:

  • Equal access to all social, economic, cultural, political, and legal spheres, regardless of wealth or social position.

  • Universal rights to dignity, self-respect, and the opportunity to work.

  • The right to wealth and property

  • individuals are the rightful owners of their own lives and therefore have inherent freedoms and responsibilities.

  • The proper purpose of the government is to protect such freedoms and not to assume such responsibilities.

  • All people should be equal before the law regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion or political belief.

  • Freedom of expression is essential to a free society and must be promoted, protected and preserved without restriction other than for, criminal nuisance or defamation.

Our Policies:


  • Require citizens to save their money into three separate accounts 

  1. Ordinary account for school and housing 

  2. Special account for retirement and will merge with ordinary account 

  3. Medisave account for medical care and insurance 

  • In essence require citizens to stash away money for a rainy day 

  • Most income to go to ordinary account at the beginning of one’s career Create a medisave system 

  • As you approach retirement more an more is sent to medisave 

  •  Tax free and guaranteed minimum, competitive interest rate between 2.5 and 5 percent 

  • Subject fund to both minimum and maximum balance, periodic limits and deliberately designed not to fully cover any single medical expense so to require personal responsibility 

  • Everyday hospitalization, procedures, and treatment has a maximum proportion that can be paid for by medisave - the rest simply out of pocket 

  • In the case of long term treatment like dialysis or cancer therapy create a medishield system 

  • Only activates after the patient contributes a significant portion out of pocket or via their medisave 

  • Premiums can be paid for by medisave 

  • Each age group pays however much is needed to make it independently sustainable (note: not a transfer of wealth from the young to the old) 

  • make voluntary 

  • For those who want more comprehensive insurance, give option of buying upgraded plans from private companies (regulated to ensure competition) 

  • Medifund system as a safety net of last resort for lowest income households  

  • Principal protected, sustainable endowment which pays for the medical care of those who can’t 

  • Citizens who can prove their inability to pay can apply to a group of independent volunteers who make case by case judgments 

  • Since patients pay more out of pocket, hospitals are forced to control costs which lower costs, these lower costs are passed on to the government, too, when it distributes subsidies 

  • Make all costs public and easily accessible online and require hospitals to provide patients with an estimate of their bill as well as the average cost of competing hospitals 

  • People sort themselves- public hospital rooms split into four classes: C, B1, B2, A and treated as cosmetic luxury upgrades 

  • Offer subsidies for lower class rooms

  •  Free breast screening (to check for breast cancer) of all women over forty

  • Expansion of primary care centers

  • Providing greater access to healthcare. 

Housing policy 

  • Arrange in a checkerboard manner with alternating tall and short building 

  • Create a social savings fund ( tied into health care policy) where all workers under 55 are required by law to contribute 20% of their wage and employers another 15% which can be withdrawn from for the purposes of buying  public or private housing, moving out of the country, reaching the age of +55, and death of loved one (again tied into health care policy) 

  • Set prices based on one’s ability to pay 

  • Foreigners required to pay stamp duties 

  • Homes should serve as assets secondarily   

  • Allow owners of new subsidized flats to sell them at market rates after 5 years 

  • Encourage elderly to sell and downsize

  • Prioritize housing for married couples with kids

  • Subsidies to heavily favor married families with children 

  • Arrange units next to each other to create cohesion between income levels i.e 2 room units next to 3, 3 next to 4 room and so on

  • Public-driven affordable housing projects 

  • Private sector-driven housing projects 

  • Ease regulatory limits on reconstruction 

  • Increase state-run housing welfare projects 

  • Promise to build inexpensive housing units  

Education policy 
  • Tuition free public colleges/universities (if you get accepted) and vocational schools

  • Increasing funding for after-school and daycare programs

  • Repeal the No Child Left Behind Act 

  • Support the promotion of home schooling and private education  

  • Create a school voucher program

  • Allow parents to opt-out their children from sex-education classes

  • Create a cultural voucher that can be used on arts or museums

  • Give parents more say in their children's education 

  • Improving standards and funding for kindergarten

  • Giving schools greater autonomy in determining curriculum

  • Improve graduation rates

  • Foster the skills and interest of students.

  • Place children into accelerated, vocational, or normal tracks 

    • Give option to enroll children into three types of school types of schools starting at middle school, and going through until college/university, at the age of 12  

      • Accelerated: geared towards higher linguistics, mathematics, and sciences 

      • Normal: a middle of the ground school, basically a standard middle/high school  

      • Vocational: geared towards vocations and trades 

Environmental Policies


Proactive response against climate change

  • Secure water resources in various ways to deal with droughts

  • Convert from investment centered on disaster recovery into investment focused on prevention

Diversification of ways to secure water resource

  • Expansion and connection of existing water resources facilities

  • Development of new water resources

Paradigm shift in river management policies

  • Investment in prevention measures to minimize flood damages.

Utilization of river areas as multipurpose spaces for the co-existence of the people and environment

  • Creation of new areas for leisurely activities utilizing rivers

  • Improvement of the access to waterfronts

  • Enhance the value of the riverside as scenic areas

  • Pursue regional development centered on rivers that elevates regional culture, ecological landscape, and quality of life.

Main Aspects

Implementation of five core challenges to achieve the goal of renewing the territory

  • build reservoirs, weirs, and small dams, and expand the storage capacity of agricultural reservoirs.

  • expanding sewage treatment facilities and establishing green algae reduction facilities

  • restore ecological rivers, create wetlands, and readjust farmlands to rehabilitate the ecosystem.

  • Rivers will turn into multipurpose areas for lifestyle, leisure, tourism, cultural activities, and green growth.

  • bicycle lanes will be developed, walkways and sports facilities will be expanded.

  • contribute to regional development through various plans that utilize the infrastructure planned in the project and the scenery 

Expected Benefits

Contribution to sound restoration of the ecosystem

  • Improvement of the environment through restoration of ecological rivers and development of waterside belts

  • Readjustment of farmlands in riversides will reduce non-point pollution sources and improve the ecological environment

Promotion of green growth projects

  • Clean-IT sensors to manage the river environment and disasters will be applied to this project

  1. The development of remote sensors will enable real-time monitoring of water pollution, water level, vulnerable areas upon disasters, and facilities such as bridges and dams.

  • Establishment of a digital tour system for the major rivers

  1. the government will support technological development, commercialization, and international standardization of wireless communication, and positioning systems.

  • Development of unmanned underwater robots for environmental management of the major rivers

  1. Scientific management of resources and the environment of the underwater which is difficult to access will become possible by using robots.

  • Installment of photovoltaic and small hydropower power plants

  1. Photovoltaic power generation facilities will be built in riversides that are not submerged.

  2. The government will construct small hydropower plants while also expanding existing reservoirs and agricultural reservoirs.

  • Bicycle roads would be constructed

  • Allow the use of nuclear energy

  • Build up of more solar and wind farms 

  • Build more hydroelectric power plants 

  • Build thermal power plants 

  • Invest into tidal current energy

  • Invest into hydrogen powered vehicles 

  • Research into clean coal power  

  • Invest into biomass/biofuel as a renewable power source 

  • Implement green zones/refuges   

  • Build ecological parks  

  • Address waste management

  • Full standardized metering and inspections for water extraction 

  • A federal commission into water mismanagement

  • Support of market over government responses to climate change

  • Goal of sustainable, clean energy supply with an emphasis on energy security

  • Development of a green economy and green technologies 

  • Rewilding, including reforestation and restoration of wetlands

Economic Policy
  • combine a regulated free market capitalist economic system alongside social policies that establish both fair competition within the market and generally a welfare state.

  • aim to combine free initiative and social welfare on the basis of a competitive economy.

  • combine private enterprise with regulation and state intervention to establish fair competition, maintaining a balance between a high rate of economic growth, low inflation, low levels of unemployment, good working conditions, social welfare and public services.

  • The greatest possible number of economic decisions are made by individuals or households rather than collective institutions or organizations.

  • support for a market economy and private property in the means of production.

  •  restrained fiscal policy and the balancing of budgets, through measures such as low taxes, reduced government spending, and minimized government debt. 

  • Free trade

  • deregulation of the economy

  • lower taxes

  • privatization

  • labor market flexibility

  • opposition to trade unions (although they can be useful in helping facilitate employee wages).

  • Support of extensive free markets and free trade

Family Policy 
  • Support the importance of the family as the bedrock of society

  • Citizens will receive $130 dollars monthly per child until the child turns 13, and will receive tax exemptions 

  • Following the birth of their child, fathers are entitled to five months of paid leave and mothers 7

  • Both parents have the right to claim extra paid leave based on the number of children they have, which amounts to two weeks for one child, four weeks for two children, and six weeks for three or more children. Lasts until the child is 13 

  • Newlywed allowance, which can be claimed by couples for 24 months after the wedding where this is the first marriage for both spouses. Cannot claim if either are remarrying

  • Improve childcare

Social policies


  • Eliminate the income tax

  • Make social insurance contributions optional

  • Eliminate the federal minimum wage 

  •  Introduction of a remittance tax 

  • Elimination of property tax 

  • Elimination of capital gains tax

  • Business taxes (Corporate income tax) set to 5%, 10%, and 15% depending on how much revenue the business generates 

  • Abolish inheritance tax

  • Extensive reduction of taxes and fines

  • Introduce a tariff-based revenue system 

  • Implementation of a sugar tax 

  • Implementation of a fat tax  

Judicial, and Police 

  • Hire more judges' assistants

  • More resources for prosecutors, other judicial employees, and police 

  • Reform police

National Security

  • Strengthen external borders

  • ​​Heritage protection


  • Abolish penalties for street trade

  • Allow businesses to refuse services on moral grounds

  • $4 billion to assist small-business owners and industry 

  • Selective assistance to small-business owners and industry

  • Support of extensive privatization and deregulation 

  • End government ownership of business enterprises 

  • Deregulate industry to the greatest extent possible to build its international competitiveness

  • Reducing red tape for businesses 

  • Reduce public expenditure


  • Providing free broadband in deprived regions

  • Abolishing interest on student loans

  • Increased state investment in infrastructure and industry

  • Implement 4 day work weeks 

  • Reduce working hours  

  • Basic income of $300 monthly for citizens

  • offer financial subsidies for young people actively looking for a job, ages 16-25 (ie. offer cash incentives to jobseekers) 

  • Lower the age to hold elected office to 19

  • Reduce voting age to 17

  • Reduce the drinking age to 18 or 19  

  • Legalize marijuana (weed) for medical purposes only (must have a valid doctor’s diagnosis and prescription)

  • Supporting small businesses and e-commerce

  • support for rural areas and small farmers

  • if 25 and younger or 65 and older, free public transportation 

  • Artists get a 50% reduction in health insurance  

  • Cap on consultants' pay 

  • public works job program

  • utility bill cuts

  • cash gifts for retirees

  • implement a national public works program

  • investments into sciences and technologies 

  • in favor of a reformed Don't Ask, Don't Tell Act  

  • Defend the freedom of expression, communication, education; respect the privacy of citizens and civil rights in general.

  • Defend the free flow of ideas, knowledge and culture.

  • reform of copyright and patent laws

  • Use free software and open source software, open-source hardware, DIY and open protocols whenever possible.

  • Open access

  • Open data 

  • Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing

  • Outlaw begging in public places

  • Support for cultural activities that promote United States history and identity

  • State support for rural regions, including support for agriculture 

  • Support for commercial off-the-shelf and military off-the-shelf defense acquisitions where possible

  • Support the relaxation of foreign investment requirements and removal of restrictions against foreign ownership

  • getting the government out of marriage

  • Equality before the law

  • Support of property owners' rights

  • Support of motocross, cycling, fishing, bushwalking, hunting, logging, 4WD and shooting rights

  • Support for acknowledging the contribution of Christianity to United States values

  • Decriminalize the means to self-defense (including pepper spray, tasers and firearms under some circumstances)

  • Opposition to government-funded foreign aid, other than short-term humanitarian relief 

  • Efficient and modern public services and sensitivity to the needs of both rural and urban communities

  • Incentives and programs to promote healthy living to the public   

  • Increasing R&D expenditure 

Immigration Policy
  • Welcome work-based immigration, provided the immigrants pay taxes and abide by U.S. labor laws

  • Deporting immigrants guilty of serious or recurrent crimes or those that does not meet the standards of Immigration laws

  • Provide funding into border security

  • Limiting family unification to proven direct relatives only, and requiring means of subsistence from the immigrant 

  • Unauthorized arrivals temporarily detained for health and security checks, transparent process for determining refugee status, community release under bail-like conditions while status is determined

  • Expect immigrants to integrate into U.S. culture

  • Effectively controlled immigration and an end to abuse of asylum procedures

  • Encourage skilled immigration.


Foreign Policy 
  • Support for NAFTA superhighway 

  • Encourage corporate investments into developing and underdeveloped countries

  • Stay out of foreign conflicts unless appealed to and receive the proper authority to engage in foreign conflicts

  • Promotion of true neutrality 

  • Resources for development aid

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