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Our Campaign

Bring real reform to the United States 

Liberty and Justice for all

  • The rights of minorities, including sexual minorities, must be protected and there should be no discrimination.

  • Prefer children to have a biological mother and a biological father. But if to grow up in institutional care, they'd be better off with two loving beings, even if they were of the same sex.

  • Agreements and common goals can be found with individuals of all views. 

Public Demonstration


  1. Endurance of the United States values, based on support for the language, culture, education, family, and traditions.

  2. Society of equal opportunities, where open, honest governance allows all citizens to reach fulfillment.

  3. Socially and regionally balanced development and well-being that are guaranteed by a fair and strong state by implementing caring and knowledge-based policies and by developing an ecologically sustainable living environment.

Election Campaign


  • Social market economy 

  • Progressive conservatism

  • Civic nationalism

  • Green conservatism

  • Centrism 

  • Localism

  • Cultural liberalism 

  • Classical liberalism 

  • Economic liberalism 

  • Populism

  • Pirate politics

  • Agrarianism

  • Youth Politics  

  • Conservative liberalism 

  • National liberalism 

  • Liberal conservatism

  • Familialism

  • Cultural conservatism

  • Libertarian conservatism  

  • Right-libertarianism

  • United States nationalism

  • Identitarianism 

Protest Mega Phone
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